Our clients are diverse and include private business such as real estate management
     corporations, wholesale distributors, and retail stores.  Our primary areas of service
     have been residential clients and businesses needing architectural planning.   In addition,
     we have institutional clients including recreational centers and church organizations.
     It is our philosophy that, just as organizations or owners must be selective about the
     architects they chose to work for them, so must architects be selective about the type of
     projects they chose to work on. We pride ourselves in placing the needs of our clients into
     our creative design ideas, and we believe our work reflects that on going commitment.
     Our work is  tailored to the requests of our clients and  also reflects our belief that excellent
     design and professional service are the ways to create satisfied clients. We strive to deliver our
     services on a timely  basis, with a set budget, and give our clients the kind of working
     relationship that is both strong and productive.


     We offer a wide range of services for various project types.
     We have professional experience in the following types of

      Our services include: