Mr. Goldstein is the architect of record of numerous commercial projects including both
     the design and construction administration of these type of projects. He has overseen
     consulting architects, interior designers and engineers on many of these projects.
     Mr.Goldstein has made the extra effort to apply a collaborative process to his commercial
     projects, that always keeps in mind the business goals of his clients.  The creative
     ideas of Eric K. Goldstein, Architect enhance the project vision that is held by his clients.
     The projects realized by his clients are often pleasant and exciting built environments.
     Eric K. Goldstein, Architect takes pride in providing quality design services for it's
     commercial projects and takes extra care in the presentation of design concepts to the
     various governmental agencies reviewing these types of projects.  Construction documents
     are prepared for commercial projects to be faithful to original designs and practical in terms
     of construction execution.  We look forward to continuing our working relationship with
     business clients, to foster growth and contribute to the development of new
     built environments.

                                           700 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ