D e s i g n
    Our firm is a fully computerized service organization for all production of drawings
    and specifications.  We use AutoCad software for production of our drawings and
    are fully compatible with most A/E firms.  Our experienced professionals give us a
    solid foundation of knowledge on which we have grown.  We strive to use progressive
    planning concepts, but we also employ the use of applicable site standards and
    ordinances that apply to a specific project.  Code analysis and compliance with the
    most up-to-date construction and fire codes is always important as a core part of
    pre-design work. We combine our code studies with detailed programming and then,
    begin to analyze other design factors such as circulation, surrounding structures, and
    the physical environment, within which the project is to be realized.  The context of
    a project, whether it be environmental or economic, is always of importance to our
    design efforts.
     Design creativity and imaginative solutions are an integral part of the way we serve
     our clients. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to discover new ways to
     solve design problems and represent our solutions using the latest computer technologies
     available to our profession.  This is an exciting time for architects, as computer
     technology is making it possible for us to both conceive designs and represent the built
     environment in ways that were not possible in the past.  As construction technologies
     change so does our design process.  If the Client is best served, we use new construction
     materials and assemblies to build our projects. During the project's development we
     remain sensitive to the client's design preferences and where necessary we will provide
     numerous design studies, so that we and our clients can select the best design solution.

     Detailed construction drawings, as well as ongoing site visits assure quality control
     and completion of projects without design compromises.  We provide careful
     supervision of the construction process and sometimes recommend modifications
     that enhance the original design intent without effecting budgetary concerns.
     Our construction management services are an option which many clients select
     and as a result, the final project is often enhanced.