View of  New Addition- This photograph shows the new master bedroom on the second floor, with
 its varied windows and multi-faceted roof structure. The new family room is located on the first floor
 directly below the new master bedroom.


View of New Kitchen from Family Room- The new kitchen features simple raised panel cabinets.
The low partition with oak wood cap, in the foreground, encloses a down draft oven, so that the
the cook of the house can see into the family room.


The New Master Bedroom- The new master bedroom provides the clients with an interesting space,
that has a unique combination of windows.  The varied shaped windows introduce a generous amount
of natural light into the room and work together with the ceiling design.  In final form, the ceiling's finished
surfaces follow the new roof structure above.


The New Central Stairs- The old staircase to the 2nd
floor was replaced with this oak staircase.  The treads
have been stained to match the new hardwood Brazilian,
cherry floor, installed throughout the renovated first floor.